run, red fox! RUN!

Hello. This is my secret weightloss blog ;) I'll report here about my daily amount of calories I take and I'lle type down some recipes.. from time to time :) it's also a great place to improve my english..
hope you'll enjoy and feel free to ask and follow. I won't bite.

so: HW 277
CW 166

GW1: 159
GW2: 149
UGW: 143 lbs

  1. why am I so weak?

    So yesterday there was a party at a very good friends house. I promissed to go, even if i didnt want to. So when I was there, I only wanted to drink A SINGLE glas of wine! 


    so at the end of the evening I was drunk. 

  2. I will start again. I will start again. I will start again. I will start again.

    I need to be thin.

  3. I wish I could cut all my fat off.

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  4. intake feb 25th???

    it’s been a horrible horrible horrible day! I’ve been depressed all the time and I didn’t really want to eat much but I did of course. and I am still eating..

    I think I know my mistake : I have eaten way too less calories a day.. “My fitess pal” told me to have 1200 but I’ve had less than 800 a day. Someone told that this behaviour would mkae me binge, but I didn’t believe it.

    Well guess I’ll have my 3lbs back very soon.

    the other mistake is: I haven’t worked out because I was depressed the whole week… couldn’t sleep at night and felt tired the other day. 
    This needs to change!!!

    So I got myslef new pills that will help me to sleep, so I can be fit the other day.

    I need to work out!!!  

  5. binged.

    had a lot of chocolate and peanuts… I was so proud of myself for having less than 800cal today.. but now i’ve probably had a total of 1500 or something. … fuck it.

  6. Calories intake feb 24th


    Oatmeal with Kiwi and low fat milk (yum yum yum!!! I love Oatmeal with milk and whatever fruit in it!!!)  (361)


    1 Apple (81)


    100gr Pangasius  ( 71)
    soup with vegetables (30)
    1/2 corncob (116) (why did I eat this….)

    total: 708

    Maybe I’ll have some fruit later. I’d love to have some dark chocolate, but I feel way too fat for this. It has been a horrible day btw.. even if I had a “normal” breakfast I felt terribly fat and disgusting. Cried all the time..silently. It’s “him” .. he makes me eat, he makes me starve he makes me think he makes me cry.  

  7. 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge - 3. A picture of your thinspiration. What features do you like about this person?

    I’d say Mosshart is my current “thinspiration”. It’s not that I really want to BE like her, and I’m not a goddamn fangirl. But I think she’s a beatiful person and has a  great body. She dresses the way SHE likes to have it, and no matter what she wears - it looks great because of her shape. So everytime I’m about to eat cake or chocolate I think of her legs and it makes me feel fat and full so I grab an apple ;)

  8. lost 3 Lbs in a week :)

    Hope I won’t gain them again.. currently I’m 75,1kg…  

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  10. whatwesignedupfor:

    WORLD’S FASTEST WORKOUT (it takes only FOUR minutes)

    • - Burns as many calories as a 40-60 minutes run.
    • - Makes your body adapt and improve very quickly.
    • - Increases metabolism for next 36 hrs
    • - Takes only FOUR minutes, no excuses.

    0:00 - Squat Thrust
    0:20 - Rest
    0:30 - Mountain Climbers
    0:50 - Rest
    1:00 - High knees
    1:20 - Rest
    1:30 - Jumping Jacks
    1:50 - Rest
    2:00 - Squat Thrust
    2:20 - Rest
    2:30 - Mountain Climbers
    2:50 - Rest
    3:00 - High Knees
    3:20 - Rest
    3:30 - Jumping Jacks
    3:50 - Rest
    4:00 - DONE!